Thursday, 30 April 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron Inspired Makeup

It's no secret I love superheroes. So I took today, the North American opening day for Avengers 2, to try my hand at some hero themed looks. Sadly my fav (Captain Marvel) didn't make the cut on this movie, so I had to find some other characters to be inspired by. I asked on Twitter what Avenger people would most like to see a look based on, and the top two were Thor and Hulk!

For Thor I took inspiration from his darker MCU costume rather than the brighter one from the comics. I went for a grey and silver smokey eye with bold winged liner (cause the man can fly!) And then I chose red lips for his red cape. I also went with a little bronzer, because Chris Hemsworth is always looking pretty tanned and beach ready. 

For Hulk I went all green! Green shadow, green liner, green lips, and then just a touch of purple on the lower lash line and on my cheeks for his purple pants. 

Who's your favourite superhero? Would you ever do a makeup look inspired by them?


  1. Oooh nice looks! Waaay back in the day of me first getting into makeup, xsparkage (who is still one of my favourite YouTubers) did a superhero inspired series and I recreated her Superman look!
    Her video is:
    And my look: (yikes that's an old picture haha)
    So I actually have done superhero inspired makeup haha!

    1. That is an old pic wow. And thanks, they're a little less exciting than I wanted, but I had some technical difficulties and I wanted to be able to get this post up today.

  2. I really have to get my abilities and confidence up and start posting looks or something. I want to get a cybersix and Adrien look going.

    1. Yessss! I wanna see a Cybersix look from you!