Sunday, 24 May 2015

Review: Bandelettes

"Bandelettes® are sexy thigh bands designed to stay put and provide comfort and protection against chafing all day long." These things were all over the place last summer. Every plus sized fashion blogger I followed talked about them. When I finished last summer completely fed up with chub rub after trying a bunch of different products, I resolved to try these out when the warm weather returned.

I measured my thighs as 28" so I ordered the beige in Size D. But when I tried them on, they were, well not loose, but not as fitted as I'd like. When I wore them they stayed, but I felt like I still spent the whole day tugging at them. After some research, it seems like this is a common sentiment: they feel like they're moving, but they're really not. I don't know if this problem would be alleviated by sizing down or not though.

(also featured: my Captain Marvel tattoo)

They're very cute on. Most anti-chafing tips usually involve products that require constant reapplication in order to actually do their job, or bicycle shorts. So these are by far the most attractive option, giving more of a lingerie look than anything, while still getting the job done. 

I love these things. I've worn them three times now and it's just so nice to go out when it's warm and wear a cute dress and not worry about your thighs attempting to murder each other. All you have to do is stop worrying that they're falling off, and you can enjoy your day out in the sun, pain free (just don't forget the sunscreen!)

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