Thursday, 26 March 2015

Review: Pixi Powders

I've been eyeing the Pixi shelf ever since Target came to Canada. The branding, the packaging, the products, all spoke to me. The prices however, did not. So now since Target Canada is closing it's doors, and all beauty products are 40% off, I decided to pick up a couple of things.

After missing out on the MAC Cinderella Beauty Powder, I've been looking into a bunch of finishing powders. There have been a lot that have piqued my interest, but most of them are a little on the expensive side. But at $15 a pop after liquidation discounts, these two from Pixi seemed a little more in my price range.

(left: all over magic, right: flawless finishing powder)

There's a lot a love about these products. The packaging is sturdy plastic, they open easily and close with a satisfying click. It doesn't hurt that it's all also my favourite colour, green. The powders themselves are soft and silky.

"All-Over Magic is a multi-purpose silky powder palette for a sophisticated sheen on eyes, cheeks, face, or body" The powder blends beautifully. I was worried it would be too bronzey for my skin tone, especially because I chose it over the rose coloured one, but instead just gave my skin a subtle glow, like I had a really good night's sleep. It's subtle, and it doesn't pick up very well on camera, but it's a noticeable difference in person.

"Flawless Finishing Powder is a suit-all, translucent, velvet finish powder for all skin types." This powder was a little less impressive, but mostly just after using the other one. Due to the slight shimmer of the powder, I expected a more brightening effect. Instead the powder was more mattifying, and the shimmer wasn't noticeable once the powder was applied to my skin. The lack of brightening just made me all the more glad that I picked up both products.

Flawless Finishing Powder

All Over Magic


  1. Oooh pretty! I don't think I ever tried anything from Pixi but these look nice :)

    1. I'm glad I picked them up! Mostly I'm a sucker for packaging and also there's fairies involved.

  2. Fairies! The packaging is cute. I'm not sure I'd buy these though.

    1. Yeah they're not like, holy grail products but I like them.