Thursday, 19 March 2015

Colourpop Order + Review

So McKenna and my roommate and I made a Colourpop order recently and yesterday it came in the mail. I ordered a lip liner, a lipstick and a blush. I already have a couple of their lipsticks (or lippie stix as they call them) and I really like them.

This is the first time I've ordered myself, or ordered to my house at least. I was pleasantly surprised by the adorable packaging and the personalized card with joke. It was also full of foam to keep all the makeup safe which was great. 

I got the lipstick in Lumiere, a neutral, the pencil in Leather, a bright purple to go with my Leather lipstick, and the blush in Mochi, a bright, matte pink. 

(left to right: Mochi, Leather, Lumiere)

The blushes have kind of a strange consistency. I've been told they have a similar formula to their shadows, but I haven't tried those. They're very soft and creamy, and they build very well. I was nervous at first, as I tend to prefer powder blushes to cream blushes, but this one was surprisingly easy to use. I used my Real Techniques blush brush, but I think I want to try it out with a few different brushes to see what works best. 

The blush lasted 8 hours for me, which was as long as I wore it. I think next time I'll wear it without bronzer, I think this shade of pink would be better on it's own. I feel like the brightness didn't photograph well, it is so so pink.

 As far as the lipsticks go, Lumiere is going to be a great everyday colour for me. It's sort of a "My Lips But Better" kind of shade. They smell really nice, it's sort of a sugary smell, but not quite the MAC vanilla. Colourpop's mattes are more of a satin matte than a true matte, but I tend to prefer that. 

They're not super long wearing, which is fine for the more neutral shades but a little annoying for the brighter ones. I find they last about five hours, but often come off when you're eating or drinking. I don't mind reapplying so it's not a huge deal to me, you just want to make sure to bring it along with you if you're going out. 

The Colourpop pencils are nice. I'm not surprised so many beauty bloggers use them on their own. They apply matte, and they take a fairly steady hand to apply neatly and evenly, but with a little effort they can provide full coverage. I would prefer a twist up to a sharpenable pencil, but I do like that it's not a wooden pencil. 

It also looks great with the matching lipstick. 

Overall I'm really happy with all the stuff I got, though I'm a little disappointed I made the order just before the spring collection was released. I have my eye on Tootsie, which has been described as a dupe for Lime Crime Cashmere and I'm always up for that, but some pictures of it look closer to Colorpop's own Lumiere or Brink, so I'm not sure. 

But I do know I will be ordering more from Colourpop. 


  1. I can't wait to get my order from you to make my post! I don't really have a nice brush to use with it so I'm a little nervous. I still need to make a Real Techniques order.

    1. You ordered a lot of cool stuff, I can't wait to hear about it. We gotta meet up soon!

  2. Oooh so pretty! The blush looks really nice! I personally never wear cream blush, but I've heard the ELF Small Stipple Brush or the Real Techniques Stippling brush are both great for cream blushes/highlights/etc.!