Friday, 10 October 2014

Sweetpea and Fay Order!

So a few weeks ago I was looking for a purple blush and a friend recommended I check out Sweetpea & Fay Cosmetics. They had exactly what I wanted and I was so pleased. In addition to the lavender blush, I checked out their collection of liquid lipsticks.

So the two things I ended up getting were their mineral blush in Lady Slipper and their liquid lipstick "J'adore Les Levres" in Scuba Gear. Shipping took a bit of time, but it was well worth the wait! The first think I noticed is that packaging is pretty cute. Simple, practical, but cute.

(swatch pics taken outside because it was 7am* and not bright enough inside)

I'm super happy with the blush! It looks just as great on as I expected. The colour shows up well, and though it fades within a few hours, the colour remained noticeable right up until I took off my makeup at the end of the day.

The lipstick was surprising. I expected the consistency to be more similar to Stila or Kat Von D's liquid lipsticks, or maybe even an OCC Lip Tar. Instead it's VERY thick, and super creamy. It goes on very thick and very pigmented. And it smells like vanilla. And it even comes with a little lip brush. It stays pretty well, as long as you don't eat anything. The moment you do, it's all gone except for at the edges. But that's par for the course with most lipsticks so I'm still pretty impressed.

 However despite my bravery, the shade I got is not super wearable, and might be saved only for special occasions (at least until I get braver). I do really like it though. I might try and work out things to pair it with.

(like my no makeup no sleep look?)

Now I'm just wishing I would have ordered more! I'm especially interested in their Strangely Wearable blush collection, as it's inspired by sci fi, and that's basically my ideal situation. Next time!

So I'm going to give the blush a 9/10, and the liquid lipstick an 8/10!

*7am post all nighter, not up early 7am. I bet you can tell by the amount of exclamation points. 

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