Thursday, 15 October 2015

Melt Space Cake

I’ve been on the Melt Cosmetics mailing list for about a year. Every time I got an email from them, I read it anxiously, hoping, wishing, dreaming, of one thing: a Space Cake restock notification.

From the moment I heard of this shade, I knew I needed it. Everything about it spoke to me, from the beautiful mid toned cool grey colour to the sci-fi-esque name.

So obviously the moment I got the email I had to buy it.

When I checked my tracking and saw it was coming, I anxiously sat in the living room all morning, watching for the mailman. The moment he was out of sight, I ran to the mailbox and opened it to find a beautiful (if slightly damp from the day’s downpour) box.

It took everything in me to take pictures before I put it on.

Once the photography session was over, I ran to the mirror to try it out.

And I was slightly disappointed. With the $19 price point, plus conversion and shipping, I paid a fair bit for this lipstick. For that much I expected smooth application, no problems.  But it’s a very dry formula and it drags across your lips somewhat unpleasantly.

As is I feel like its best applied with a lip brush, as it’s quite difficult to apply neatly straight out of the tube. It would also really be nice if they carried matching lip liners, because I think that would be the best way for a really crisp looking line without all the effort of the brush.  Even with the brush I definitely needed to go back in with concealer to make things look perfect.

But as much as application was a little bit of a letdown, the colour wasn’t. I love it so much. It makes up for any other drawbacks.  And I honestly think it’s the most wearable shade in my collection of unusual lipstick colours.

It wore well for 9 hours, with a minor touch up after dinner and it was still in fine shape before I took it off to go to bed. 

Overall I'm very happy with this lipstick, and super excited to wear it again!


  1. I have 1 Melt lipstick that I got last fall and I've still only worn it one time (at IMATS with you last year!). I just remember it feeling really dry. I do want to give it another try sometime soon though because I remember it was quite long-wearing.

  2. The wear time was definitely something I was impressed with, so I agree! Maybe you can wear it tomorrow :)