Saturday, 17 January 2015

Fashion Friday!

I love prints in general, but by far my favourite kinds of prints are transportation related. I know it's a bit of a niche interest, but it just makes seeking them out more fun! 

 clockwise from top left: Paper Airplane Print Scarf from Aerie, Ship Print Top from Modcloth, Airplane Print Sweater from ASOS, Sailboat Print Tunic from Tommy Hilfiger, UFO Print Golf Shirt from ASOS

Here are some of my favourite items to rock this look!

and my spaceship polo is still available from ASOS for 60% off!


  1. You're adorable. I love the spaceship top.

  2. I love your love of transportation prints. Also you need that ModCloth dress, it's perfect!!

  3. That spaceship print! <3 All the prints tbh <333